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Qverse was built with the dream of growing alongside business founders with fair funding and risk sharing

Qverse: Providing Fund to Grow Your Business
Our Story

The Founders who understand Founders

Many business founders are struggling to find fair and affordable funding. They face a dilemma between mortgaging their assets, mostly houses or land, bearing high-interest charges regardless of business conditions, or surrendering some of their stocks to the investors. As founders, we share the same experience, which moves us to be part of the solution to it. And that's what Qverse was founded for.

Businesses have scaled up


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Growth Fund

Up To 20 bn

Our Purpose

Providing growth fund solutions for business founders

Qverse exists to provide the founders a way out of funding issues with revenue-based funding that considers business conditions without the burdensome collateral. Furthermore, we provide analysis and data to help founders keep their businesses growing during and after funding is received.


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